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27 January, 2022

Using Excel as Music Player

Do you like to listen in the background to your favourite music while working outside Excel, e.g. in Word, or on your emails? If so, you can use Excel as a music player. To prepare for that you need to create a music library, collection of your music files, located e.g. in MyMusic subdirectory, as in my example.

Having done that, next create in your Excel worksheet a list of Hyperlinks to those files (by using CTRL+K shortcut for each of your music files). The list can be arranged in any order and contain as many hyperlinks as needed. Here is a short example of my list:

01 August, 2021

Weather forecast in Excel

If you need to keep your eye on weather conditions in several or more places in your country or in the world, it may be convenient to have an easy access to actual detailed forecasts in Excel workbook. It's relatively easy to create Excel worksheet with access to forecasts for locations of your specific interest. Here is a fragment of such worksheet I've created for my personal use:

The QR codes refer to weather forecasts for locations shown underneath. You just click on selected QR square to display the forecast for the location. For example: