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08 February, 2022

Conditional Formatting in Excel: All you need to know

This is about visual identification and/or formatting (differentiation) of our data sets based on our questions (conditions), in order to: 

  • mark/reveal some data of interest, present them
  • take some action (e.g. find errors, correct, sort, delete, evaluate), or
  • find out some trends and patterns, compare.

Here is the Conditional Formatting main menu (on the left) + More Rules dialog:

24 September, 2021

Data entry tips: Formulas and Dates

You might learn from some sources that when you enter a formula into a cell in Excel, you have to start your entry always with the equal sign. This is not true. You can, but DON'T NEED to start with the '=' sign.

Each formula can be started also with either '+', or '-' (if you mean negative number/expression) signs. When you press the ENTER key, Excel will voluntarily add the equal sign for you.

Here are couple of examples to illustrate what happens: