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16 August, 2021

TIPS for CLICKS: Formatting / Editing / Moving around in a Workbook

Excel is equipped with hundreds of formatting and editing tools, key codes and alternative handling of data. Some of them are worth more useful than others. The following list presents some of the most helpful and time saving tips for frequent users.

Format Painter > If you double-click the Painter in the ribbon you can copy formatting of your selection (cell, range) repeatedly or singularly into multiple disparate cells or ranges. Click Format Painter once to quit it, if necessary.

Multiple lines in a cell > Two or more lines can be inserted into a cell by pressing ALT+ENTER after entering some value in the original line. It's just another way of wrapping text in a cell.

Borders >  If you select (in Home tab) Borders>More Borders..., you can select and add diagonal lines in active cell or range of cells to divide them e.g. in two parts. Then, you can add some value/text into the cell and press ALT+ENTER to type another value/text in the second line. Alignment of the entries can be fixed using spacebar, if needed. Example:

14 August, 2021

TIPS for CLICKS: Data entry

There are plenty of shortcuts provided in Excel program for data entry. Their purpose is twofold:

  • to reduce data entry time, and
  • to reduce data entry mistakes, to avoid errors

I don't think that average Excel user can remember or need to use all of them. However, several of those shortcuts are helpful for almost all users and are worth remembering.

Here is my very short list of shortcuts for data entry and basic editing.