25 December, 2021

COLORS in Cells: How to Get, Set and Use them

It's really easy to color Excel cells, their background, content or borders. We can do it either directly (using Format Cells... or some Font options) or indirectly - using Conditional Formatting in a variety of available ways in the Excel menu.

When it comes to determining (getting) exact codes/names of colors being already used in a worksheet, it can be a bit complicated. And it may happen that you need to know what colors were originally used for background filling of some cells. Well, we can't find it out by using any Excel function or formula. So, practically, we must use macros (VBA codes) to solve such puzzles. E.g., the following code will determine Color Index for background color of cell A2.

Press ALT+F11 keys to display the VBA editing window and enter there this code:

Sub getCellBG()
Dim getC as Integer
End Sub

16 December, 2021

How to create Activity Tracker / Timer

If you'd like to keep in Excel the record of your common daily tasks, in terms of disciplined use of your valuable time, then the solution I'm providing here can be helpful. It makes easy recording of duration of any routine daily activities and provides basis for further analysis of any kind.

This is how it looks like in an exemplary edition:

03 December, 2021

WeekDay and BirthDay

You know your birthday date, no problem. Do you know on which day of the week you were born? If not, you can find it out quite easily in Excel. There are many ways to do it, but probably the simplest one is to use the WEEKDAY function, as shown in this snip: