27 August, 2021

STOCK PORTFOLIOS Tracking with Yahoo Finance in Excel - Part 3

After completing Excel tables (in Part 2) for tracking trades in your account, it's time for creating some summary of your Portfolio performance. For this purpose you can create another Excel Table (e.g. called "Portfolio Status") and a chart based on the table content. This will allow you to conduct a quick and easy visual evaluation of your investment positions.

Start with adding a new worksheet named e.g. "Performance". First, create the table. Here is an exemplary format and content:

As in previous tables the cells filled with green colour indicate data entry cells. The remaining cells contain formulas filled automatically after entering all necessary data. Cells in column E are conditionally formatted, so that cells showing gains are filled with yellow background.

The stock symbols are linked with corresponding Yahoo quote pages, e.g. ACBI symbol is linked to "https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ACBI/?p=ACBI" page. This way you get direct and easy access to a valuable information on your investments.

The formulas used in the table are shown in the following table, so you can follow the format illustrated above or create your own, depending on your needs:

Having the table ready you can now create your chart reflecting the status of your positions, gains or losses on individual positions. Here is an example of such chart built on just two stocks used in the exemplary portfolio:


Hope this will help you a little bit in managing your personal portfolio.

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