20 August, 2021

Custom Excel Worksheet / Workbook Design

Have a specific problem in using Excel?

Maybe I could help...

The tools Excel provides for its users allow creating the abundance of solutions for entering, analysing, presenting and storing of datasets. However, this usually requires more or less in-depth knowledge of the software. Sometimes you may need to create a specific solution to a complex computational task, but your experience isn't sufficient to do that. In such situations you may need to look for help. I could be able to provide some no-obligation advice or assistance in solving your problems related to organizing your data and analysing them according to your needs. You could probably save some time, improve your design, etc..

Define your specific problem or your custom design needs and let me know about them using the Contact box located at the right side of this page. I may be able to provide some assistance in design details and analysis of data or actually design a spreadsheet for you.

Here are just couple of examples, fragments of worksheet designs, I've created some time ago for my own needs.

Excel database records:

Table for tracking purchases and sales of my stocks:

Table of financial data imported/updated from Yahoo Finance website:

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